Aromatherapy is an ancient treatment dating back to Egyptian times whch uses aromatic plant
extracts mixed with oils.
Recent times have seen stress levels go through the roof and we are seeing more and more
clients with chronic and acute symptoms. Feeling anxious and tense all day long, unable to
sleep due to worry, suffering from palpitations, panic attacks out of nowhere, they feel that they
are unable to cope and are caught up in a vicious circle. Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? Aromatherapy can help heal the physical manifestations of stress and ease mental anxiety. If you are more relaxed your performance will be improved and these negative
symptoms will be easier to manage and could totally disappear.

Aside from the emotions involved, stress in the long term can lead to high blood pressure –
placing a huge strain on the heart and internal organs – and adrenal exhaustion, where the
body is no longer able to respond quickly to the nervous system’s alarm bells.

Aromatherapy can help!

As an holistic therapy, aromatherapy takes into account the mind, body and spirit in order
to achieve balance within. Taking the time out of your day for a bespoke treatment will leave
you feeling relaxed and pampered; muscular aches and pains will evaporate as your mind
switches off from the day’s worries and as the massage works out knots and lengthens
muscles, you will feel the stress and tension leave your body and mind.

The oils used in your treatment will take into account your case history and current needs. We can work with antidepressant essential oils such as Melissa, Bergamot, Geranium; antispasmodic oils, like Mandarin and Ginger, to help where stress impacts on the digestive system; sedative and calming Ylang Ylang and Valerian help with insomnia and oils to deepen the breath and slow down cardiac rhythms are especially useful – Frankincense, Neroli and Cedarwood.

We can discuss longer term strategies to fight stress in your treatment; essential oils to vaporise at home or to use in the bath, breathing techniques/meditation and lifestyle.

And don’t forget that the relaxing effect of aromatherapy and massage are cumulative! Taking some time out for you regularly will leave you better equipped to manage the stresses and strains of everyday life in between.   Book a course of treatments now.